Chuong Nguyen came to the United States for college. He first attended the Lincoln Trail Community College (LTC) in Illinois (part of the Illinois Eastern Community Colleges, IECC). Chuong, enjoys being addressed by his first name (his homeland’s tradition), decided to transfer to either the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) or the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Couldn’t stand the cold and windy weather in Illinois, he chose to come to UCLA to pursue a Bachelor degree in Computer Science.

While at UCLA completing his B.S., Chuong developed software at a few local tech firms before joining Koders Inc. in 2003-2004, an early-stage start-up company (which was acquired by Black Duck Software in 2008), as a Software Engineer. In 2005, he moved on to, an online shopping comparison service. Chuong then joined Microsoft Corporation in the later half of 2005. He also made a natural transition from Software Engineering to Product Management and worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft in 2006. During that period, he wanted to further his education and decided to come back to UCLA for the Master program in Computer Science.

Chuong enjoyed his teaching career as a Teaching Fellow for many courses during the graduate program, ranging from Programming Fundamentals, Data Structures, Software Engineering, Probability Theory, to Entrepreneurship and many more. Finishing the M.S. degree with a breeze, he advanced straight to the Ph.D. program. While pursuing the Ph.D., besides continuing his work as a Teaching Fellow, Chuong held a Producer title in 2008-2009 at Qtask, a start-up SaaS company, and engaged in various consulting activities.

For all his time at UCLA, he held multiple leadership positions. During his undergrad, Chuong was the Vice President of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Chapter at UCLA, a Computer Science organization on campus. Chuong joined the Technical Entrepreneurial Community (TEC) as an Executive Board Member when pursuing his graduate degrees. He then became TEC’s Executive Board Director and spent his free time leading the organization during his Ph.D.

While working on his Ph.D, entrepreneurship called and Chuong became a partner and an executive of Greengar, a start-up in mobile applications, not too long after the Apple’s App Store first launched. In a few years, he built Greengar into a profitable business reaching more than 14 million users worldwide. In the process, he put his Ph.D. journey on hold. After preparing for its next steps, remaining as a partner and an advisor to Greengar, but not its day-to-day operations, Chuong then joined ONE+K in 2013.